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Five Villages

Five Villages

Welcome to the Five Villages project!



The Fiive Villages project celebrates the creativity in our district and the unique heritage of Ancaster, Billingborough, Colsterworth, Corby Glen and Long Bennington whilst acknowledging all that connects us.

If you live in or near any of our chosen villages, we invite you to download and print out as many of the free printables as you like onto A4 white printer card or paper.

Colour them in using colourful pens, pencils or paints. When you’re happy with your design, cut both parts of the gem along the solid lines. Fold along every dotted line and stick the parts together with glue or tape using the tabs.

At any point during the day of your village’s event, bring your completed gems to the centre of the village, we will add it to the community sculpture that we will have designed for your village and which will be exhibited in the church for several days after the event.

We will be in:

Colsterworth 22nd May 2021  – 11am to 3pm 
Billingborough 23rd May 2021 –  11am to 3pm 
Corby Glen 4th June 2021 –   11am to 3pm 
Ancaster 5th June 2021 – 11am to 3pm 
Long Bennington 6th June 2021 –  11am to 3pm 



Corby Glen

The design of Corby Glen's gem is a celebration of the oldest sheep fair in the county held annually at Corby Glen.


Proud of the church and the Springwell which is at the centre of village life


A unique setting for the important habitat of the Dingy and Grizzled Skipper butterfies in the grasslands of the replanted WWII airfield

Long Bennington

Inspiration for the design came from Long Bennington's special geographical


The design for Ancaster was inspired by its strong Roman heritage and the rare tall thrift flower.

The Blank One

Left blank for your own design. What makes your village unique?



The Five Villages Project has been generously supported by South Kesteven District Council.