Design, Engage, Build

Lumo Workshop is the collaboration of Theatre Designer Maker Lou Jones, Visual Artist Nadya Monfrinoli and an amazing pool of artists and venues across disciplines that support the work we do.

We are passionate about maintaining the variety of the work we make and pride ourselves on an attention to detail that creates engaging and immersive experiences for our audiences.

We devise community engagement that is accessible, challenging and rewarding. As an organisation we are adaptable, nimble and reactive, ambitious and reliable.

Lou Jones

Lou Jones

Creative Director

Lou is a versatile designer maker with over 25 years experience of working in theatre, television, museums, event production, carnival and community arts.

Trained as a theatre designer, she has worked extensively in regional theatres including the RSC, Belgrade Theatre and Birmingham Rep,

before collaborating more closely with Nadya on community art projects five years ago.

Lou works from our workshop in Lincolnshire, where she combines theatre commissions with festival work and an extensive community engagement programme.

Find out more at her website: louisejones.com

And on instagram: @loujonesmakes

Nadya Monfrinoli

nadya monfrinoli

Creative Director

Nadya has a socially-engaged practice spanning nearly 25 years and has extensive experience of devising and delivering collaborative and participatory projects nationally.

She is interested in making and exhibiting art where people are, in the public realm, and in making art accessible to all.

With a specialism in ephemeral sculpture and installation, she collaborates a great deal with a wide range of professionals and community groups across many disciplines including theatre, fashion and public art.

She is co-founder with Louise Jones of Lumo Workshop.


@nadya_monfrinoli on Instagram